Waltham, Massachusetts
*Winner of AGC Design Award

Main Entrance to Complex

Conceptual Design Section






Bay Colony Lobby

Bay Colony Corporate Center was designed as a high quality office complex for the corporate market. John P. Campbell created the project design and planning concepts, was Project Manager and was responsible for the direction of the multi-disciplinary team for the master plan, environmental impact statement, permitting, design and implementation of the initial two phases.

Situated on a 165 foot bluff overlooking the Cambridge Reservoir and Route 128, the site of 58 acres was developed in four phases totaling more than one million square feet. The overall design solution takes advantage of the dramatic hillside topography and spectacular views. A rock-cut entry drive winds up through landscaped terraces where the parking areas and structures are located. The three and four story linear buildings, clad in traditional red brick, step down the slopes providing views of the reservoir and Boston beyond. Functional terraced parking structures provide convenient access and enhance land utilization.

The buildings are entered through the human-scaled west facade on the third level of the structures' four story lobbies which offer sudden dramatic views to the east. The east facades facing the highway are large scaled, set on massive stone retaining walls, and are designed to be viewed from afar.

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